Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Sweet Memory...

Seeing this image of a traffic light brings back a sweet memory of the past. I was in the car with Christian & Collin. I even remember exactly where we were at the time. We were sitting at the red light turning left onto the little cut off road that takes you to Old Nashville Hwy in Smyrna right past Smyrna High School off of Nissan Blvd. Collin looked up and said, "MOMMA LOOK!" He was three years old at the time. Collin said, "That is US Momma!" I then asked what he was talking about and he said, "the red light, momma, that is you, me & Christian." At that moment I looked up at the red light and realized what he was talking about. Of course, my heart filled up with love right at that very moment! How sweet was that? Why he said that is because of our favorite colors. Mine is RED. (there were a few wild years in high school where I loved purple too) Collin's favorite color is Yellow and Christian's is Green. That was just the sweetest little moment that day that I have not forgotten it and hope I never do.

Pictured: This is Collin in 2000 after turning four. I did not have a digital camera at this time and am thankful to have this picture scanned.

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